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COVID-19 News Update

We had a resident who was transported off-site for treatment, and we were informed that the resident has tested positive for COVID. The resident continues to receive care off-site. In light of this positive resident and previously positive employees, we are discontinuing all visitation and small group activities and we will be serving meals in room. 

COVID-19 Diagnosis Update

In our communication earlier this week, we noted that one of our residents had tested positive for COVID-19 and had been quarantined in a separate area. The health department is retesting the resident who tested positive to confirm the accuracy of the original test.

COVID-19 Positive Diagnosis

We’re writing to inform you that one of our residents received positive result for a COVID-19 test. This resident like all others has been closely monitored for signs and symptoms since March and is asymptomatic. This resident has been relocated to a specially quarantined room in an empty bank of rooms separate from all others.