Life at Park Place

A Place To Call Home

It’s time for you to get the care you need, and when you’re in our hands, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best.  We strive every day to be the post acute care setting of choice in our community for assisted living, so we make sure that each day you spend with us is filled with the caliber of service that will make your stay comfortable while anticipating wellness to the degree possible through professional advocacy for you.  The entire staff will know you by name, and each day when we greet you, we’ll ask you how you are, and whether there is anything we can do for you.  We never forget that this is your home and that you are the reason we’re here!  And remember, if you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask.  That’s why we’re here – for you!!!

"Fantastic staff at Park Place. You can feel the warmth and care they provide by just having a short conversation with them. Would/do recommend them to anyone that might need assisted living in Reno."

Community Amenities

The Service Plan – Holistic, Passionate Care

Shortly after coming to our homes, the Wellness Director will meet with each resident and their family members to develop the Service Plan.  Questions will be asked in the areas of Medication and Caregiving Needs, Nutrition, Activities, Laundry/Housekeeping, Medical Transports to Lab, Doctor, and Specialists as well as in-house services received by home health nurses/therapists, hospice, or personal care and durable medical equipment on an outpatient basis by you.  In this way we make sure the resident receives the unique services each individual situation requires.  We encourage family involvement, visits by grandkids, and pets that don’t live with their residents whether your goal is to stay for awhile in a respite room while family is traveling, stay for a short time in a transitional room while we help coordinate your care with the goal of returning home, or stay long term with Park Place becoming your home.

Intergenerational Teaching Site

With its close proximity to the University of Nevada, Park Place has had a 20 year history of raising up the next generation of senior care professionals.  Whether it be through Nursing Student Home Visits or Culture Class Service Learner Activities or  Pharmacy Externs reviewing medication protocols with our seniors, Park Place personnel and seniors are engaged in developing our youth resources.  And our company allows us to support our staff with tuition reimbursement, awards recognition, and nationwide placement opportunities for transfers or advancement.


License Endorsements to Anticipate Wellness and Comfort

Park Place has additional endorsements through the state of Nevada to offer dementia/cognitive disorder care as well as chronic illness and end-of-life care.  Our Caregiving Staff receive special training and maintain continuing education annually to support these endorsements.  In this way Park Place can better anticipate wellness through advocacy with our health care partners when resident function can be maintained or improved. And then for others we can anticipate wellness of body, soul, and spirit on each resident’s journey, through advocacy with our end-of-life palliative or hospice partners where possible.